Remote Jobs

Have you ever thought about living in an RV?

Have you ever thought about selling everything and living in an RV? You might be surprised at how many people are making that choice these days. With remote work arrangements becoming more accessible every day, it’s not always necessary to live anywhere close to your company’s headquarters. In fact, many employees NEVER need to visit the company’s headquarters. That opens

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INTERVIEW: Learn how to work remotely with RemoteHabits

In this interview, our friends at RemoteHabits share some tips and advice for those who want to learn how to work remotely. Their organization has done a great job of profiling remote workers and telling their stories. You can expect to see more remote job postings as the world becomes more comfortable with people working remotely. We hope you enjoy

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The Four Types Of Expats

At one of the regular expat happy hours in London in 2015, we started to notice some trends. “There are a bunch of trailing spouses this week and not as many perpetual travelers. Did you do something different to promote the event this time?” “Nope, that’s just how it worked out this week.” “Hmmmm.” From that point forward, a few

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