What is an expat?
The term expat is short for “expatriate.” It’s a term used to describe a person who is living away from their home country. Remote jobs for expats are highly desirable for people living away from their home countries.

Do you need to be an expat in order to use this site?
Of course not. The term was a good starting point for what we wanted to create (the ultimate collection of remote jobs for expats), and the domain name expatjobs.io was available for a reasonable price when we launched, so here we are. 😉

Why do you exist?
The entire world is rapidly moving toward a remote-friendly work environment. As technology advances, more and more jobs can be done from anywhere that has a stable wifi connection. Expats have unique challenges when it comes to finding work, especially when they move abroad. There are visa considerations (sometimes visas limit the type of work you can do in a country, or limit your ability to work AT ALL) and curating remote jobs for expats makes life a little easier for everyone who uses our services.

What does it cost to use your site?
For job seekers, the site will always be free. For employers, there are various pricing packages for posting jobs. We will also build custom packages for employers who have multiple jobs to post. If you have high-volume job posting needs, please get in touch and we’ll find a win-win arrangement.

What’s the best way to be discovered by employers when they have hiring needs?
Many employers will search our database of profiles and resumes without ever posting a job. As a job seeker, it is free to create a profile and upload a resume, so we encourage you to do that.

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