Best Places To Find Legitimate Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are some of the best jobs for people who want to work remotely. Whether you work from home, work from a coffee shop or travel the world as you work, virtual assistant jobs are perfect for those who have some organizational skills and technical ability.

And even if you don’t have any technical skills, you can learn what you need to know in a short period of time.

What do virtual assistant jobs pay?
It depends on a few big factors, such as your level of experience, your area of expertise and the competition in your field. With a solid education and experience, you can make $50-75 an hour, but most of the time the tasks that virtual assistants complete are in the $8-15 an hour range. There are also a few different ways you can get paid. Hourly is the most common, but there are also salaried roles and project-based roles.

What skills are required for virtual assistant jobs?
There’s no one answer to this question. The best virtual assistant jobs could be something extremely specific (like technical research in a narrow field) or something very general (general office help). The basic skills you’ll need in almost every virtual role are things like ability to type at a reasonable speed, understanding of basic technology tools and ability to communicate quickly and clearly on multiple channels, such as email, texting, Skype, Slack, etc. It’s also helpful to have some experience with project management tools and CRMs (customer relationship management programs).

What should your home office look like if you are working a virtual assistant job?
Many virtual assistant jobs require you to have modern equipment, such as a fairly new computer and fairly new mobile phone. Those aren’t always required, but it’s a good investment if you are pursuing various virtual assistant jobs. It is also common for employers to require fast internet speeds. How fast is case-by-case, but the ability to do video conferencing without any delays is a good rule of thumb. When in doubt, pay for the extra speed from your internet provider. We do NOT recommend trying to tether to a mobile phone using 4G speed.

Other than the technology, having a comfortable a quiet place to work is important. Some people can get away with working in their living rooms or their kitchens, but a dedicated workspace with a proper desk, chair, etc. will serve you well in the long-term.

With all of that said, let’s get into some of the best places to find virtual assistant jobs. Some of the organizations on this list are full-time virtual assistant “agencies”, some are marketplaces where you can bid on virtual assistant jobs and others are focused virtual assistant services. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best to do some research to find a good fit. We hope this list will help you! Click the links to each of these companies to see what they have to offer you.

24/7 Virtual Assistant:  Average pay for a US virtual assistant is between $10-$12 per hour and it depends on VA’s skill level and client’s requirement. 90% of the time, clients are looking for part time VA’s which ranges from 20-120 hours a month. 

99 Dollar Social: Focused on social media solutions with customers paying $99/month. Check with them to see if they’re hiring right now.

Assistant Match: Register on their site for the next steps with them. They also have some educational resources about becoming a virtual assistant.

Belay Solutions: Focused on executive assistants, bookkeepers and web specialists.

Boldly: With offices in the US and UK, they hire remote executive assistants, marketing/social media specialists, project managers and paralegals. Some positions are W-2 employee positions.

Byron: Only available to US residents, but hiring for over a dozen different specialties.

Clickworker: Jobs available in text creation, surveys, copy editing, proofreading and more!

Contemporary Virtual Assistance: Various categories of service with offices in the US and UK.

Equivity VA: Specializing in virtual assistance, paralegal work and marketing.

Fancy Hands: US based assistant company with various hiring needs.

Firegang: Digital marketing solutions focused entirely on dental practices.

Fiverr: A marketplace with needs for every possible thing you could imagine in a virtual setting.

FlexJobs: Full-time, part-time, on-site and remote, freelance or employee…they have it all.

Freelancer: Another marketplace website with a wide variety of projects.

Glassdoor: Traditional job site with various virtual assistant jobs posted.

Indeed: Traditional job site with various virtual assistant jobs posted.

Life Bushido: They provide virtual assistant support and calling services for small business entrepreneurs, including top real estate agents.

Okay Relax: Basic administrative tasks. Requires college education and successful completion of their training program.

Paragon Planners: Focused on US-based assistants in various states. Check their site to see if your state has any openings right now.

People Per Hour: From their website: “PeoplePerHour connects your business to an international community of freelancers who want nothing more than to help your business succeed. Discover rated and reviewed experts for every skill imaginable…”

Perssist: General assistant work.

Red Butler: Work as a W-2 employee as a virtual assistant for a dedicated client.

Smith A.I.: Virtual receptionist work with an artificial intelligence platform.

Team Delegate: General administrative virtual assistant service.

Time Etc.: Requires some experience in administrative assistant types of roles. Focused on administrative, real estate and e-commerce solutions.

UpWork: Another marketplace with everything under the sun available for your bids.

VA Sumo: Offers paid training and only is available to candidates in the US and Canada. They offer a variety of virtual assistant services to their clients.

Vava Virtual Assistants: General virtual assistance in a variety of specialties.

Vicky Virtual: Focused on virtual telephone assistance.

Virtual Assistant USA: W-2 employees, most be native English-speaking, standard virtual assistant services.

Virtual Gal Friday: Focused on virtual assistance in general administrative, receptionists, legal assistants and medical assistants.

Virtual Office Temps: Temporary virtual assistant services.

Virtual Staff Finder: Company based in the Philippines with full-time employees there.

Zirtual: General administrative tasks focused on entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Do you know of any other legitimate virtual assistant companies we should add to this list? If so, please let us know in the comments. You can also search virtual assistant jobs at regular companies here.

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