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Hey there,

Timeular is looking for a Business Development Manager to develop and own our strategy to up-sell small and medium enterprises where we have landed on an individuals desk already.

We’re approaching our markets through a bottom up land > expand > up-sell strategy and are getting many inbound requests from teams already.

Your main responsibility will be owning and developing our sales playbook with the operational support of a smart, committed and reliable colleague already on the team. Initially, you will be:

  • Owning inbound requests from enquiry to close
  • Prospecting existing customers to identify up-sell opportunities
  • Keeping Hubspot CRM in shape with a keen eye on structured data and disciplined follow-up
  • Identifying target accounts
  • Day-to-day sales activity: phone calls, funnel management, sending quotes, proactive follow-up, etc
  • Setting up new sales automation tactics and running experiments to increase the funnel throughput of inbound deals

We focus on the US, UK and German speaking markets. We expect you to speak English fluently. Speaking German would be a nice-to-have, though we have plenty people who can handle those requests if needs be.

Below you’ll find a lengthy description about us, our culture, our commitment to diversity, our expectations, the salary and benefits, and how to apply including a few tips.

We know it’s quite unique to have such a long job description, but we want to help you to get a feeling if this is a place and vision you want to be part of before you invest time into applying, cause time is too precious.

Take your time to read and think about it, there is no bonus for early applications.

About Timeular and diversity

Work is a very important part of life but with all the distractions, interruptions and opportunities at hand people are working more hours than ever but not creating much more value. Timeular enables people to track, understand and improve how people spend their time to create more value for themselves and the people around them in many different ways.

As we live what we pray we will not ask you to work a crazy amount of hours. In fact, we try hard to protect your time. In return, we ask you to do your best job every day every 40 hour week.

We are a fully remote team of 16 people working from 7 countries and are between 20 and 40 years old. You can work whenever you want but we’re accepting applications only from people living in a timezone somewhere starting from UTC-5 (US west coast/Peru) to UTC+2 (Western Europe/Egypt).

As you see we are people from many different cultures and countries but we are looking to increase our diversity even more and are committed to build a team that represents a variety of backgrounds, skillsets, and perspectives, and to providing our employees with a work environment free of harassment.

We are committed to not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, age, marital status, national origin, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical​​​ condition, sexual orientation, gender identity or ​expression, or any other non-merit factor. We’d especially love to receive applications from individuals who are underrepresented in our industry even if they don’t tick all boxes of the application.

About how we collaborate

As we work remotely, we communicate a lot in written form. To help you demonstrate the strong writing skills you’ll need for this role, we’ve made the first part of this application process a written task.

We know you can’t perform at your best from day one because everything is new and there is a lot of information to absorb first. That’s why you’ll get assigned an onboarding buddy right after joining Timeular to assist you while getting started with your new challenges and all the questions you might have along the way.

We believe that the most time efficient communication style, whether it’s client-facing or with your team members, is to be direct but respectful. We’re honest and transparent to each other and we support each other. So should you.

We work in cycles. We prioritize our top challenges and pitch solutions in a two week pre-cycle and then focus on getting the most promising solutions out within 6 weeks in mixed teams that change at every cycle.

We are a virtual team, meaning there is physically no-one around you and you should feel comfortable working like this most of the time. While we do a lot to bring people together it’s unavoidable that loneliness and de-motivation might hit you here and there. We have all been through this and have learned a few things.

We respect time because time is the most valuable thing we have: we show up, deliver and communicate in time. We respect everyone’s private time unless there is a real urgency.

We say no to distractions and focus on the important things. We seek the minimal path with the highest possible output. We single task our way along that path. We keep meetings efficient. Basically, we focus on focus.

About the pay and benefits

We offer an attractive transparent salary and very attractive benefits, which are mostly about helping you to live a healthy life outside of work.

The transparent salary for this role at hiring ranges between €45.000 – €60.000 , depending on the country you’re in and your experience. After one year of working full-time at Timeular you can participate in the employee stock option pool.

The benefits we offer are:

  • Work where, when and how you want as long it is in UTC-5 (US west coast/Peru) to UTC+2 (Western Europe/Egypt)
  • 50 days of paid holidays (including national holidays) because we’ve learned that time off is the best source for great ideas.
  • Three paid team retreats per year to spend an incredible time together discovering unique locations and amazing food. All costs covered.
  • Other benefits that can be found here

How to apply

If you made it this far, then we assume you’re interested and are likely a good fit.

We don’t need resumes, we care about who you are today, what you have achieved so far and where do you want to go. Therefore, please apply here as soon as you have enough time and energy to craft your best short and clear answers.

Our application process is pretty simple: we start with asking you a few questions in written form, you answer them the best you can, we read it and, if we like it, we jump on a call to get to know each other better. If that goes well, we do a test period so we both can verify our expectations and if we both agree, you’re in.

As we value good clear writing skills, take your time to send your application.

A few tips for a better application:

  • When you see a question with Why, dig deep to find the real root-why before answering.
  • We value if you answer with facts and numbers.
  • When we ask for example tasks, write your reply like you would think aloud: imagine you’re doing the task and walk us through your thinking from the starting point until the outcome.

As we always get many applications it might take some time till we get back to you after having evaluated all the applications but we will get back.

Make your time count with us,
Team Timeular

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