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Travel Young Outdoor Adventures is a new adventure travel agency for small groups of young adults 18-39 years old. We guide affordable off the beaten path adventures all over the world with a focus on outdoor adventure, humanitarian, and eco-friendly travel.

We were first founded in January 2014, paused operations in Sept 2017, and are now rebuilding the company together, starting with a small team of six marketing and salespeople.

We call our salespeople “Travel Experts” because that’s exactly what they are. The perfect person for this position is someone who lives a travel lifestyle as a digital nomad and talks, dreams, and breathes travel. If your dream job is encouraging new travelers to take the leap and see the world, then this job is for you!

Hiring Digital Nomads as travel experts!

Our existing marketing team consists of a social media manager, an online advertiser, and an SEO expert. Their key objective is to generate leads in the form of social media engagements and email submissions, then it’s our Travel Experts job to follow up, schedule a call, and use their exuberant personality, enthusiasm for travel, and deep knowledge of our services to win them over and convince them to sign up.

We work virtually with no primary office space and we require that you have the discipline, time management skills, and self-motivation to do the same. If you get selected for this position, your boss and manager will be Clark Varin, our founder.

Job Objective:

Our Travel Experts are the first face-to-face interactions that people have with the Travel Young brand. Your job is to win them over and convince them that they have to travel and that Travel Young is the only way to go, because let’s face it, it is. 😉

Many of these conversations will start on email or by direct messaging them through Facebook or Instagram. Then you’ll offer to talk with them on the phone, where you’ll send them a link to schedule a Zoom call in your calendar (or phone number if they prefer that).

Each call will last somewhere around 30 minutes or until all their questions are answered and they feel fully convinced that this is going to be the best adventure of their life (which it deffffinitely is).

When people sign up, you’ll get paid commissions in addition to other bonuses which are covered under the compensation section of the job description. Once that person is signed up, you’ll send them an email introducing them to their trip coordinator, who will take care of them from there.

Your performance will be measured and rewarded based off of three criteria:

  • Total number of Zoom calls that you have per week.

  • Total number of travelers that you sign up per week.

  • Number and quality of customer satisfaction reviews submitted.


This is one of the most important roles in the entire company. You are the face, the brand, the personality of the person that our travelers want to be around. You’re selling yourself and your personality as much as you are a trip, because people care about who they’re going to be traveling with as much as where they are going. If you can convince them that you’re awesome, they’re going to believe that everyone including their guides and our customers are awesome.

Your responsibilities fall into two overarching categories: Engaging with prospects and converting them into customers.

Engaging With Prospects

  • Replying to comments on our posts and ads. Start a conversation in the comments, then bring the conversation over to direct messaging to talk more about where they want to travel.

  • Direct messaging people who engage with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Email. Your goal here is to schedule a Zoom call with them.

  • Facebook Live Q&As — Weekly, you’ll hop on Facebook Live from our page’s account and just answer questions. If no one shows up (which could happen), you will just talk about our current featured trip until someone shows up. We will post these on our page and in our Facebook group.

  • Interviewing World Travelers — One of our tactics to create engagement among our audience is to interview world travelers who have won our “Off the beaten path traveler of the week” Award. Our social media managers find the travelers who deserve the award, all you have to get on Zoom with them and talk travel.

Converting Customers

  • Get on a Zoom video call with prospective customers who want to learn more about our trips. To do this, you must be in a quiet room with few distractions around you and a strong internet connection.

  • During the call discover the desires, dreams, pains, and fears of the traveler using your sales guide and use them to persuade them to sign up.

  • Answer all their questions about the trip and our policies (policies are found in the booking conditions of our website). You’ll need to read our booking conditions thoroughly and you may need to refer to them frequently during your calls.

  • If the traveler isn’t ready to sign up right then and there, then you will need to ask them how long they need to decide and schedule and perform a follow-up call.

  • If they wish to keep learning more about the destination before they decide, or if they make any other reasonable requests, it’s your job to accommodate to their requests and provide them with 5-Star customer service.


  • Expert world traveler — You must have been to two or more of the places that we guide trips to (Current Destinations: Uganda, Peru, Patagonia, Egypt) and you must have a travel lifestyle meaning that all you want to do is keep on traveling and this job just happens to be your way of doing it!

  • Min 1 year of sales experience — Any type of sales experience will do other than cashiering. If you fear rejection or fear talking on the phone with people, then this isn’t for you.

  • Passion to share travel with others — It’s one thing to want to travel for your own personal reasons. I think most everyone does. It’s another thing to care about other people and giving them the experience that you so ardently love.

  • Deep understanding of geography and world destinations — Remember you are a Travel Expert, which means you have to know all the places

  • Native English skills with no grammatical writing mistakes and the ability to write fun, funny, enthusiastic, and likable emails.

  • Ability and willingness to use social media to build a personal brand. You will be engaging on social media a lot, so you need to know how to use the platforms, and when people check out your profile they need to see that you’re a traveler and that you work at Travel Young.

  • Great interpersonal skills – Willing and able to build genuine relationships with travelers and nurture those relationships over time.

  • Strong Sales Skills – Ability to transfer your enthusiasm for travel to prospective customers.

  • Ability and willingness to learn about our trip itineraries and policies.


Since we are a new company, we can’t risk having a high overhead in the beginning, so we made this position commission-based to start, but we believe that your earning potential from the following commissions will fall somewhere between $10-25 USD /hour, plus a company-wide bonus if we hit our quarterly KPI, which is currently 75% occupancy rate (avg 16 travelers per trip of 22 traveler capacity).

Your commissions are based on a flat $40 commission per traveler that signs up. Given that our ads are generating a consistent 6-8 warm leads per day, you should be able to make 1-2 sales per day for part-time work (4 hrs/day x 5 days) and 2-4 sales per day for full time work (8 hrs/day x 5 days).

The company-wide bonus is paid quarterly and if we hit each quarterly goal then every bonus will be similar to earning an extra month of income each year.

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