Freelance Writer at WordGigs 355 views, a leading online content provider, has immediate openings for writers for our premium/enhanced writing projects:

  • Longer Articles (500+ words)
  • Press Releases
  • Tech-Medical-Legal-Financial Niches
  • Webpage Content
  • eBook Content

Program Requirements:

  • You must be a U.S. citizen currently living in the U.S. and your primary language should be American English
  • You must be able to complete work projects within 24-48 hours after acceptance
  • A reliable desktop Internet connection is required (No mobile devices can be used for writing)
  • You must maintain acceptable levels of quality
  • A valid, verifiable PayPal account is necessary in order to receive your payments
  • You must have past writing examples that you can share with us

This is a bona fide offer of employment as a contracted worker; no fees or payments, or purchases of software or other materials are required.

All writing is ghostwritten, you will not retain any copyright/reprint rights, no writer byline or bio will be added (client will own exclusive rights to the content once submitted to us).

All content will be checked via Copyscape for uniqueness.

You may set your own hours/schedule, as long as work is completed on-time.

Before your services are accepted, we will screen all applicants via a short telephone call (about 10-15 minutes).

If accepted for employment, tax info must be submitted (which will be verified). You will be issued a Form-1099 yearly for your taxes (tax payments are not withheld from your pay and you are solely responsible for paying them).

What Do Our Writing Assignments Pay?

At WordGigs, you will find a great variety of writing assignments as well as project types. Payouts vary, but as a general guideline

  • Press Releases (400-700 words): $15
  • Elite Content: $65 (2K words) – $95 (3K words)
  • eBooks: $85 (4K words) – $425 (20K words)
    (due dates are extended on eBook completion)
  • Standard Article Payouts Range: $4.50 (350-400 wds.) to $18 (900-1,000 wds.) depending on total length

Our writers are always free to accept as much work as they wish (subject to account limitations at various seniority levels) and from any project type or assignment that is available to them. Our site is available 24/7 for submission of completed assignments as well as for selecting new writing assignments. If you have questions about any writing assignment, we maintain a fully-staffed support area, as well as a writer’s hotline to report outages and emergencies that could impact turning in assignments on time. You will receive full training in using our proprietary system, at no cost to you. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a desktop-type computer (and yes, we are Mac-compatible!)

What Do Our Writers Say About Us?

“I came to Wordgig’s by a referral from a group I belong to on Facebook. We were all discussing ways to make money and one of your employees told me I should check you folks out. At first, I was a little hesitant. After all, this is the internet. Once I got started with some assistance, it has been relatively easy to maintain. I’ve suggested WordGigs to many people that I know. . . . WordGigs has been a savior to me because I work a regular job but don’t make enough money at to survive. I also have health issues that would prohibit me from working a second job on a regular basis. If my children were done with school for good, I would love to work on WordGigs more. It gives you the opportunity to set your own schedule, and also gives you the opportunity to make money that is needed from the comfort of your home. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’ve been with you folks for a year and have enjoyed it very much!”
Carol H.

“You never know what life has in store for you next. When I started with Word Gigs back in 2009, my goal was to bring in some extra cash for our family of five. Little did I know that I would soon become the sole support for this family. In 2011, I gave birth to my fourth child and, seven months later, my husband’s company closed up shop. It all fell on me until he found a new job. With the help of WordGigs and the little bit of money he got each week from unemployment, we survived that storm. Less than a year after he found a new job, he was diagnosed with cancer. Once again, WordGigs saved us, as he was unable to work during his treatments. Doctor’s orders have to be followed, even when you feel like you can continue to hold a steady job. The money I was bringing in helped us survive until disability was approved. Sadly, my husband lost his battle, passing away from complications of the cancer treatment, so now it is me raising four kids. Although I do receive some money each month for their support, Word Gigs is what allows us to continue to live the life we did with him. I’m blessed to work here, as I’m home with my children every day and yet I can still support them.”
Jennifer S.

“I want to tell you about my Wordgigs writing experience:
I love to write. I have been a part-time Wordgigs writer since February of 2009 in which I have written articles on various topics.I love getting paid twice a month. The money goes directly to my Paypal account, and then right into my checking account. The business has grown a great deal since I started and my writing has improved greatly. I feel appreciated for my work and will continue writing for Wordgigs as long as they will have me. The best part is, it is a very flexible job. I basically choose topics I want to write about and pump them out when I have extra time.”

Thanks! Kim W.

“You know I have plenty to say about the crew at Wordgigs. I can’t praise you enough. So here it goes. If it were not for Wordgigs, my hope to become a better writer would have never evolved. Without judgment, they helped me to transform into a better writer. Having worked here, I now have the confidence to write for other advanced clients. The staff took that time that other places would not. That investment of time is why writers write for them.
Aside from the love and attention that I received, the pay is always on point, twice a month. My writing income helps me to bridge the gap between paychecks from my day job and for the opportunity, I am grateful.”

Love Pam P.

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