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Time required: 24 articles per month, plus 10 hours per month consulting time

Job Overview

At Understood, we believe young people who learn and think differently have the potential to live amazing lives as confident, lifelong learners. Our mission is to empower them with tools, resources, and community to navigate the world, so they can thrive.

We are building a new team and program at Understood. It’s focused on young adults who learn and think differently — that includes young people with learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, and more. And we need writers, bloggers, and storytellers to share their stories. The audience we’re trying to reach includes high-schoolers, recent high school graduates, young adults trying to get their first job, and college-age readers.

To launch our new Young Adults project, we’re hiring 5 to 10 diverse young writers, each paid to create content to help other young people like them. If you join us, you’ll write about topics like “How do I find my strengths?” and “Picking a career that fits your strengths.” You’ll also help support and represent people with learning and thinking differences while building a career working with digital content.

All are welcome to apply, and no experience or degree is necessary. You can live anywhere in the country. All you need are (1) a passion and interest in Understood’s mission; (2) skill for writing; (3) an openness to learning; and (4) a willingness to open up and share stories through the project.

Key Responsibilities

  • Write content for young adults who learn and think differently
  • Follow guidelines for writing
  • Share your and your family’s story
  • Be genuine and open about your hopes, dreams, challenges, and struggles
  • Promote the project through social media and elsewhere

To apply, send us a resume, a cover letter, and a writing sample. 

In your letter, tell us:

  • Why you’re interested in Understood’s mission
  • Advocacy or community work you’ve done for learning and thinking differences
  • Content creation you do (Instagram, YouTube, blogging, etc.)
  • Anything else that you think makes you right for this project
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