INTERVIEW: Learn how to work remotely with RemoteHabits

In this interview, our friends at RemoteHabits share some tips and advice for those who want to learn how to work remotely. Their organization has done a great job of profiling remote workers and telling their stories. You can expect to see more remote job postings as the world becomes more comfortable with people working remotely. We hope you enjoy the interview and be sure to check out RemoteHabits collection of interviews for more great information on working remotely!

Please tell us a little about your business. How long you’ve been around, who is your target audience, products, and services you offer, etc.

RemoteHabits was created to be a “learning center” for new as well as established remote workers. It is a one-stop-shop resource for those who are looking for jobs, need tips on finding a job, and desire advice about the remote work lifestyle.

As of now, RemoteHabits has a collection of over 60 interviews from remote workers who work as entrepreneurs, full-time employees, and freelancers. Each interview offers a look into the “habits” other remote workers use to optimize their productivity throughout the day.

In short, Remote Habits is for those who want a preview of remote work before jumping in, as well as remote workers who are looking to see how others are doing it.

What caused you to create Remote Habits? Was there a specific event or situation that spawned the idea?

While we have seen a lot of articles and blog posts offering general tips for working from home, we didn’t see a lot of specific examples of how to successfully work remotely. Through RemoteHabits, we wanted to provide a blueprint for handling the challenges of remote work.

For example, we ask interviewees about the tools they use, how they manage priorities, and what they include in their home office. These questions are designed to get to the specifics of what the daily life of a remote worker looks like.

What are some of the most common challenges you find with people who want to start working remotely?

Excellent question! This question is a popular one among our interviewees. Out of all the challenges facing remote workers, isolation is the one we see come up frequently. Many miss the organic face-to-face interactions that occurred in the office. So, many cite how they have to put themselves in positions to meet people intentionally.

Another challenge that is discussed is the difficulty in consistently communicating with team members. Many have expressed that virtual collaboration and communication tools are excellent, but it can be hard to effectively balance immediate communication tools (like instant message) with platforms like email.

What are some of the best pieces of advice you have for people who want to work remotely? 

Our experience—as well as those of our interviewees— has shown that the best step anyone can take going into remote work is to understand the challenges ahead of time. From isolation to managing distractions, there are many pitfalls that new—and even established—remote workers have to watch out for. The more you know ahead of time, the better you can prepare before you take that remote job or freelancing gig. So, talk to as many remote workers as you can, and use this information to get a sense for if remote work is the right step for you. If you feel it is, do what you can to pursue it.

What is on your agenda for the next few years of Remote Habits? Will you have new products or services to offer? 

We will continue to collect as many RemoteHabits interviews and stories as we can. However, we are always looking for ways to offer more helpful resources for new and established remote workers. So, we always welcome readers and those who are a part of the remote work community to provide suggestions for other resources we can offer.

Also, we do have a couple of ideas in the works that will offer more value to the remote work community, so be sure to stay tuned!

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