Swap Houses And Move To A New Country?

Would you swap houses with someone and move to a new country?

We are always on the lookout for unique stories related to remote work and “location independence.” Last week, we had a chance to speak with the ladies behind a new dramady web series. Pooja Tripathi and Dionne van den Berg are the creators of Amsterdam Ave, which is a story about two women who swap houses (Amsterdam and New York) in order to pursue their dreams. The story is a great one!

Pooja and Dionne shot the entire series on two continents in an extremely tight timeframe. They had to manage the productions logistics, casting and a worldwide screening tour, all while sticking to the budget. Everything had to be done in “remote work” fashion because there was no studio or production house for them to lean on. It was no small feat, but they pulled it off.

Their goal with Amsterdam Ave. isn’t JUST to produce a great series–it has a deeper meaning for them. Through the process, they wanted to serve as examples to other women who are trying to break into the (traditionally male dominated) Hollywood network. They didn’t let the good ole boys’ network deter them…they went out and created their own opportunities.

They are releasing the episodes on a weekly basis and you can find them on YouTube. Here’s the trailer, if you’d like a taste of what they’re doing.

If you like their style, the best way to support them is to “like” or “favorite” them on your favorite social media channels and share their work with your friends. You can find them here:


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