Teach English online. Full-time and part-time options.

Teach English online. Is it a good option for you?

I have a friend who travels quite a bit. He has had a remote job for many years now. He has figured out the right balance between work and play.

One time, I asked him if he ever thought about learning another language (he currently speaks two languages). He had an interesting response:

Why would I learn another language? I already speak THE language.

He was being funny about it, but it’s true. Most of the people in the world who have international ambitions of any kind are interested in learning English (if it isn’t their native tongue). English is becoming the standard business language in many countries and I find more often than not that people want to practice their English with me when I travel.

Because of the interest from all over the world, there are plenty of opportunities to teach English online.

If you are interested in teaching English online, there are plenty of choices. You can teach English to children, adults, groups or even specify which countries you’d like to target (like, China if you speak a little Mandarin, or Spain if you speak a little Spanish). Plenty of students want to learn English online, so there’s no shortage of work.

The online English teaching schools all have different requirements for their teachers, so it might take a little digging before you find the right one. Some of the requirements can be a teaching certificate of some sort, a college degree of some sort, proof of your English language proficiency and your home internet speed (yes, for real). Because most of the teaching is done via Skype or other video chatting system, your internet speed is very important.

Here’s our list of the top employers if you want to teach English online.

Based in South Korea, focused on communication through their iOS and Android apps, pay is from USD $10-15/hour.

Focused on Chinese students ages 4-12, pay based on experience starts at $8/hour with bonus opportunities.

Focused on Chinese students, only Filipino applicants accepted.

Accent Advisor
Accent reduction training to help you lose your accent and sound like an American.

Bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate required, focused on K-12, USD $17-22 per class (50 minutes).

Barons English
British company focused on teaching East Asian students in a one-on-one setting.

Established language school offering a variety of language courses and formats.

Degree preferred and some work experience required. Pay up to USD $1500/month full-time.

Degree and certification required, some experience teaching children is also helpful.

Degree, certification and teaching experience required. Native English speakers only. USD $24/hour.

Bright Learning
Focused on Middle-Eastern students, both children and adults.

Native English teachers, pay up to USD $20/hour, focused on Chinese students.

Cafe Talk
Lessons focus on language, music, yoga and more! Payment is based on what the teacher would like to charge (within certain pre-defined parameters).

Pays about USD $10/hour, worldwide student focus.

Only teachers from the Philippines; focused on Chinese students.

Make up to $20/hour to start and teaching options include various school subjects.

English language teaching opportunity by living with a host family in China!

English education company in China that’s partnered with the American TESOL Institute.

Focused on Chinese students, minimum of 7.5 hours per week for six months at a time, pays USD $7-$11 per 25-minute class.

English Everywhere
American and Japanese teachers, teaching certificate required.

English Gang
Focused on Thai-speaking students who want to learn English.

ESL Starter
Teach English in a variety of countries (so, not online), certificate required.

FF Language
Focused on Chinese students, set your own rates.

Fluency Tutors
Native English speaker teachers, online language teaching experience and teaching certificate required.

Based in the UK, focused on adult students, teaching certificate and experience required, some business experience is also helpful.

Based in China, USD $14-$25 per hour.

Golden Voice English
Canadian company focused on Chinese students, some teaching experience required.

A leading online English school in Vietnam.

Hugo English
Based in Beijing, focused on students ages 5-16.

Multiple language classes offered on a pay-per-lesson basis.

Bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate and teaching experience required. Regular pay and bonuses based on student reviews.

Multiple languages taught, not just English.

KK Talkee
Teach English through Common Core, teaching certificate required.

Focused on Chinese students, USD $13-$23/hour.

Multiple languages, teaching certificate required.

Bachelor’s degree required, multiple languages offered.

Bachelor’s degree (preferably English), teaching certificate and commitment for 30 hours a month required.

Live Lingua
Offers Spanish, English and French courses.

Magic Ears
Focused on students aged 4-12, pays USD $22-$26 per hour.

Moxon English
British-based company with a special focus on Italian natives.

Based in the Netherlands and focused on business professionals.

Based in the US, part-time or full-time, USD $2000-$3200/month.

Lessons are taught through an iPhone app, pays up to USD $15/hour.

On Cub
Based in the Philippines and focused on Korean students, pays about USD $14/hour.

Panda ABC
Native English speakers, teaching certificate required, experience teaching English to children is preferred, pays USD $15-$30 per hour, two hours a day five days a week minimum.

Pinata Education
Focused on Chinese students, ages 5-12

Based in NY, over 40 languages offered, teachers can set their own rates.

Focused on Chinese students ages 4-12, pays USD $16-$20 per hour.

Focused on Chinese students, teaching certificate and teaching experience preferred.

Focused on the Japanese and Philippines markets.

Teaches through National Geographic lessons, up to USD $19 per 40-minute class.

Focused on Chinese students aged 7-15.

Based in India, choose your subjects you’d like to teach in English and set your own rates.

Swoosh English
Medical exam preparation with native English speakers online.

Talk to Canada
Canadian teachers with no accents.

Focused on English test preparation.

English speaking teaching jobs online and abroad.

Focused on Chinese students, pays USD $17-28/hour, teaching certificate and experience required.

Teachers set their own rates, global audience.

Over 50 languages offered, teachers can work full-time or part-tim.

Up to USD $22/hour, flexible hours.

Whales English
USD $18-30 per class, bachelor’s degree and at least one teaching certificate required.

Based in China, pays USD $16-$24 per hour.

Do you know of a school teaching English online that we should add to this list? Please leave it in the comments and tell us why you love them.


  1. Eva Podrez

    Hello everybody! I am an English teacher and I am currently looking for a job in Siem Reap. I have lived in other countries and I understand the challenges of learning new language. I have been teaching for over 5 years and can help with business English or general conversation and pronunciation. I have previously taught both children and adults from a variety of backgrounds and professions.

    Kind Regards, Eva

    1. jons Author

      Hi Eva! Thank you for the note. You’d probably be best served by creating a free profile here. Let us know if you need some help!


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