What if you could collaborate remotely with audio messages?

Yac is solving a unique challenge in the world of remote work. Communicating with a remote workforce is one of the biggest challenges with a distributed team. With the right tools and technology, some of the friction can be eliminated. Enter Yac.

What is Yac?

Yac is a voice collaboration platform for distributed teams built by a former remote-first creative agency. With remote work exploding in growth over the next 5-10 years, distributed teams will require tools that accommodate poor network conditions, time zone differences, and deep work. Yac’s voice first, asynchronous technology allows teams to send voice messages, screen recordings, and annotations without worrying about links, scheduling, or who is awake.

Awesome! Tell us about some of your accomplishments so far.

The first version of Yac won Product Hunt Makers Festival in 2018, ballooning downloads over 2k users and landed a featured story in WSJ.

What sort of people are making the most use of Yac so far?

Designers, developers, tech startup founders are our target audience. There are some other groups who are showing up that are interesting to us, but we were built for the “tech” crowd because that’s a world we understand well.

What caused you to create Yac? Was there a specific event or situation that spawned the idea?

Yac was born out of our creative agency purely to scratch our own itch. Working with remote employees can be difficult . In November of 2018, Product Hunt was hosting their first Makers Festival and we thought it would be a good idea to build a one-click solution to hopping on a call.

Are there specific industries where Yac is the most popular right now?

Whether it’s onboarding new remote employees, cutting down on meetings, or saving trips up and down floors, creatives in the tech industry are loving Yac.

To learn more about Yac, visit them here.

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